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Picnic A La Carte

There's no denying that we are proud to be American. My hometown, Milwaukee, has affordable cost of living, great (self-)employment opportunities, family-friendly activities, and a dining scene revolving around  local culinary innovators. It's no wonder that Milwaukee is one of the best places to continue the American Dream. We aspire to prepare for you the best taste of American Food. 

Popular Quick Service Menu


American Appetizers, Sides & Main Courses

Holiday Catering
Family Reunions
Main Entree
Fresh Fruit

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

Although we specialize in Freshly Made, Authentic Mexican Tamales, we enjoy personalizing menu items to meet each customers' expectations. Pictured is a Classic American Favorite; seasoned, shredded pork butt topped with a thick & rich BBQ Sauce.

Grilled Food
Side dishes

Cocktail Sandwich Varieties

We'd love to make your event special with a variety of Cocktail Sandwiches made with only the freshest bread from Milwaukee's finest bakeries. Dill Cream Cheese & Cucumber on White, Ham & Cheese on Rye, Turkey & Cheddar on Tomato Basil, Chicken Salad on Whole Wheat is a sample menu for your next event.

Best Sellers:     Pulled Pork     

Grilled Cheese                       Sloppy Joes                

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Pulled Pork

Seasoned, shredded pork butt topped with a thick & rich BBQ, served on a fresh bun that can stand up to this deliciousness

Popular Items

Grilled Cheese

Hearty Texas Toast and 100% Real American Cheese grilled to perfection with salted butter. Add freshly sliced tomato or bacon

Kid Friendly

Sloppy Joes

Always fresh, never frozen ground beef seasoned with secret family recipe & stewed in mildly peppery tomato sauce

Budget Friendly
Allgery Acommodating

Picnic A La Carte

From our Family to Yours

What our customers are saying

Jann and Pedro served a wonderful luncheon today for our company. Our group of 100 was served promptly and the food was delicious. Jann was so responsive to my emails and questions. They were wonderful to work with. I would highly recommend using them for catering. 

Carol B., Oct. 2022

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